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Highly Recommended, But Know What You're Getting Into 0

(Please note that this review only covers the single-player portion of the game, on PC. The game also includes co-op missions and a competitive mode)The original Sniper Elite was not a game for everyone. Even on the lower difficulty settings it was quite willing to punish small mistakes, and the pace that you had to play it at was just above glacial. On the other hand, it wasn’t what you would call realistic in the way that something like Arma 2 is. It rode the line between arcade and simulator ...

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Great Fun with a Friend 0

Cooperative games are always more attractive to me than others. If a game is just OK when playing by yourself, it’s probably quite fun with a cooperative friend. It has to be a plainly bad game in order for it to stink when playing cooperatively. That has been my experience.I saw Sniper Elite V2 advertised on Steam and was intrigued. I saw that it had co-op, so I was even more intrigued. I tried out the demo, and I loved it. I was imagining the potential of playing with a buddy. I added it to m...

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If you like shooting people in the nasal passage 0

The first Sniper Elite was a game I really wanted to like but struggled with quite a bit. Its controls on the PC were bewilderingly complex, perhaps due to a less the perfect console port, and the game was incredibly difficult. But it had some things that few games did. The environments were huge for the time and because the game was all about sniping its draw distance was also impressive. It had systems for camouflaging yourself and cool tricks like using loud noises to mask the sound of your s...

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Fun Yet Ultimately Flawed Sniping Experience 0

Sniping has always been highly romanticized thanks to the magic of movies. The lone markskman setting up his shot and getting that perfect kill across vast distances is something you always watch with awe. Many games have tried to capture that cinematic experience and a fair amount of them have succeeded - the biggest problem is what do you do with the rest of the game?Sniper Elite V2 places you in the shoes of allied sniper, American to be exact, Karl Fairburne. Deployed in Germany, in the latt...

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Sniper Elite V2 Review - Hit Or Miss 0

It’s 1945. The world is tumbling towards the end of one war and straight into the barbed wire laced arms of another. Feeling the pressure of the impending Cold War, US officials have tasked Karl Fairbourne, an American Office of Strategic Services officer, with stopping Nazi rocket scientists jumping to the communist ship. Fairbourne is stuck in the battle of Berlin. Russians on one side. Nazis on the other. Armed with a rifle, a silenced pistol, an infinite amount of rocks and his eye for...

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One word: Disappointed. 0

Sniper Elite is a third person shooter.(?)Let me expand:If you played the first Sniper Elite and you enjoyed then it you might have expected something better from V2 just as I did. However the truth is that V2 fails to deliver on almost every level in respect to sniping.The game itself could have used a lot more polishing in terms of graphics, sound effects, stealth (don't even get me started),basic sniping, and basically everything else. I'm not saying it's a bad game I'm just saying it's not a...

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Without a pulse 0

I only discovered my love for tactics-heavy games recently; Sniper Elite V2 looked then appeared to be the perfect game to satisfy my niche obsession.It looks surprisingly pretty — most likely due to the mix of texture-detail and lighting. My first impressions were further strengthened by the tutorial missions. Right off the gate, I was taught to booby-trap an enemy soldier's body with a land mine — killing any curious Nazi. The game was going well until I realized how linear it real...

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Review: Sniper Elite V2 (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 0

Single handedly decide the fate of the Western Front during the second world war!We all like headshots. Your girlfriend likes headshots, your grandma likes headshots, your neighbors like headshots. The headshot is quite possibly the most satisfying thing in modern gaming. The only people that don't like headshots are Nazis. Nazis hate headshots. That's where you come in. As OSS Officer Karl Fairburne, you're inserted deep into enemy lines to prevent the capture of defecting Nazi scientists.T...

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fun 0

I must start by saying I'm not usually a fan of stealth or sniper type games. I downloaded the demo out of sheer boredom and found myself instantly hooked. I then immediately pre-ordered the game and eagerly awaited it's release. The reviews started pouring in that it wasn't really all that great, and that the overall vibe was repetitive. This didn't stray me and I'm glad it didn't. This game, like Warriors Orochi 3 are two completely fun releases that got ho-hum reviews for all the wrong reason...

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