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122539 Hailinel Game Overview Removed italics from game titles. 07/19/14 11:28AM 2 Approved
122421 Substance_D Game Overview A few instances of links on games having the word "series" also linked when they weren't linked in most other cases. 07/18/14 09:46PM 2 Approved
92254 Brawli55 Game Overview Changed all instances of Soulcalibur II to Soul Calibur II. Is there a way to change the title of the entire article to Soul Calibur II? 03/08/14 07:07PM 1 Denied
53247 TepidShark Game Overview 08/29/13 10:32AM 2 Approved
53246 TepidShark Game Overview 08/29/13 10:31AM 2 Approved
53244 TepidShark Game Overview 08/29/13 10:30AM 18 Approved
45607 billmcneal Game Overview added link to character Assassin 07/28/13 02:00PM 16 Approved
44552 ZombiePie Game Overview 07/23/13 02:03PM 2 Approved
44446 TimesHero Game Overview A couple of my previous edits didn't stick, so I fixed those again (Paragraphs separating at the mention of "Soul Calibur II"). Then I also noticed that the title of the game is incorrect. It is actually Soul Calibur II (2 words, one numeral), not Soulcalibur II (One word, one numeral). <-- It bugs my OCD. 07/22/13 10:21PM 10 Approved
44362 TimesHero Game Overview Formatting Fixes - Too many spaces between paragraphs, looked like the enter key had been hit after most character links and "Soul Calibur II" mentons. Correctly aligned links picture. Added additional tidbit in Overview. 07/22/13 10:47AM 9 Approved
43802 TepidShark Game Overview 07/19/13 03:25PM 1 Approved
43801 TepidShark Game Overview 07/19/13 03:25PM 2 Approved
43800 TepidShark Game Overview 07/19/13 03:21PM 138 Approved
12430 R2KA Game Releases 03/09/13 09:27PM 88 Approved
12429 R2KA Game Releases 03/09/13 09:21PM 18 Approved

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