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Gettin' your lazy ass of the couch

So.. we are finally here ! The release of Sonys motion controllers brings the "wii" into the modern HD-age. 
I picked up sports champions as my first title, as it was the only disc-based game that had gotten any kind of praise. 
The different sports all function very well, and how much you will get out of each one depends greatly on your interest in each spesific sport. 
My personal favorites are the Gladiator game and Pingpong. Both play and feel great. They also get my lazy ass of the couch. 
You can say what you will about the status of motioncontrols in the gamesindustry as of late, but if a consequens of this focus of motion controls are that i including to play good games, can get a decent work-out done at the same time, then im all aboard. 
So, is Sports Champions any good ? 
Sure. The tech holds up really great. And i had FUN. Good ol' clean FUN !

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Posted by fix8ed

I agree with you. Enjoying it much more then I thought I would. Love playing Gladiator Fight. My arms are sore from playing so much!

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