Help Me, Before I Put a Bullet in My Xbox

#1 Posted by Cincaid (3048 posts) -

Explore Mode > Rockies > Extinguisher Tower > Broken Tooth > Trick It

How the fuck do I get a Gold on that event? I've been trying since yesterday evening almost nonstop, with only a few Global Event brakes in-between to avoid insanity.

  • There's almost no ramps to get big jumps on, and the few there are lead to death if you're a millimeter off-track.
  • Small corridors where you bounce all around if you try to trick in them.
  • Icy terrain which makes it extremely difficult to keep the combo alive with board sliding.

I've had one, what I'd like to call it, perfect run. I had 10x multiplier before even the first jump by doing small shitty tricks over and over again to build my multiplier up. I had a combo chain going the entire run, and was at 107 tricks by the end of the run. And by divine fucking luck I didn't bail or lose Tricky or the combo chain once during the entire run. And I was still 3 fucking million away from the Gold medal (Gold is ~14mil, I was at ~11mil).

So please, pretty please, someone enlighten me what I'm obviously missing on this event, because I'm about to put the game disc in the microwave.

#2 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

I misread that as Explode Mode.

Also, have you tried looking to see if there's a gold medal run of that event on Youtube? It seems like that would be a good resource for this kind of game.

#3 Posted by Cincaid (3048 posts) -

@Ravenlight: Yep, been searching high and low for one. All high score videos only show off easy events where there are loads and loads of ramps and grinds. To make matters worse I only need Gold on that event to get the badge for golding an entire region. :(

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I got it with a full combo. Took a while but I basically never stopped board-pressing and always fliped of every small mound I could find. It sucks hard I know that much.

Pro tip: Best tricks are left the right on the stick (or x then b) and vice versa. When going for max score I just jump back a fourth between them.

#5 Posted by jaycrockett (587 posts) -

@rmanthorp: Wait so duplicate tricks are only the same tricks in a row? I thought they were the same tricks for the entire run. I've been trying all sorts of crazy variations.

#6 Posted by rmanthorp (4240 posts) -

@jaycrockett: Yes sir. As long as you go back a fourth you will never get a duptrick.

#7 Posted by RoBear (56 posts) -

You can do only two tricks an entire run and never get a duplicate. I actually recommend it if you are trying to maximize to the max. The Left->Right, and Right->Left grabs are worth the most. More then your signature tricks even. (At least for Eddy, I haven't tested all characters.) There are only 12 regular grabs in the whole game anyway, plus 12 uber grabs, plus 12 super ubers, and 1 signiture per character. Also You shouldn't spin. Flipping is worth so much more that you don't even want to off-axis flip since it slows down your rotation. Also pre-winding spins is a lot harder to control even with this games very short pre-winding requirements.

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I think I did a Platinum Run on that one for a Global Event. Nearly cost me my sanity. Can't boost or crash into ceiling, minor deviations to the left or right and go into the wall. Real hard to get a good run with lots of 'Massive' tricks. Still managed to get 15 millions. Key being, like always, a clean flow and massive tricks. Don't try to force 'lots of tricks', just find those most suited for massive tricks and without sacrificing flow and just iterate and iterate until you get it. Don't restart runs.

#9 Posted by Scinbed (11 posts) -

This was the one stopping me from getting all Gold in the Rockies. Finally managed it today with a score just over the required, and now I'll never touch that track again. (:

I used level 10 Mac with legendary board and mods...

#10 Posted by Marino (5275 posts) -

This one took me forever as well. Even with a 104 chain combo, I failed once. Ended up getting it with about 118.

You just need to get to 20x as fast as possible and keep the combo the whole way.


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