Taral V Developer Walkthrough (16 Minutes)

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I haven't seen much in-game footage of the game, so I get a very good vibe of the "beautiful chaos"/action they are trying to push across in the game. I had completely underestimated how enticing a Trooper Vanguard (Tank) would be. Still going in with my Jedi Vwoosh-vwoosh sword, but Trooper-play does look fun! Also, I was surprised to see the Smuggler spec'd as a main-healer that was a viable and tactically sound option! Glad to see and sounds like a good second character to roll for me! 
As commented by another online friend of mine, the "Summon Septic Tank" of the Jedi Sage and the silly little pebbles could definitely use polish though. If they're aiming for an epic look, which I really felt the Trooper and Jedi Guardian were handling well - the Sage needs more oomph in the visual department. Rain of Pebbles *eye roll*. 
Anyhow, looking good so far.
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 Looking very promising. Like highly competitive WoW gameplay (as in 'of equal or greater' quality). The added bonus of full VOs and strong narrative will make this a prime choice for classic MMORPG gameplay.
I for one am looking for the genre to move forward more substancially - especially combat-wise. Nontheless, I SW:TOR will grab my attention. For how long? I don't know. Certainly not for years like WoW did. Looking forward to it alot nontheless.
Oh - and here's a proper embed. When do you people learn to grab an embed code?

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Is it me, or does Yoda sound like Winnie the Pooh?

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@zyn said:
" Is it me, or does Yoda sound like Winnie the Pooh? "
That's not Yoda, but you're the second person to say that, that I've seen.

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