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Why you should fall in love, with an MMO 0

I ask only that you do not judge this review by the meaningless star-rating that precedes it, but rather the content of this review. Star Wars the Old Republic (SWTOR) has finally been released, after more than a half decade in development and nearly 200 million dollar budget. Many are hoping (or arguably have been tricked) that this game will be a revolutionary hallmark of the MMO genre that will break new ground. This game achieves none of its promised glory, but is still an enjoyable crafted ...

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"The Force is Strong With This One" 1

One of the first purchases I ever made when I got the original Xbox along with a couple duke controllers, was a little game developed by Bioware called Knights of the Old Republic. I was only ten years old at the time and it came out during the prequel Star Wars era. That was my first Bioware game and was immediately blown away with how great it was. It had an amazingly crafted storyline, great gameplay and had one of the greatest twists in video gaming history. It set up so many personal milest...

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Not As Good As I Expected 0

While writing a review for The Old Republic (TOR) it’s difficult to not draw comparisons to World of Warcraft. Over the years, I’ve tried most of the latest MMOs to come down the pipe, (Age of Conan, LOTRO, RIFT, etc), and TOR feels like a progression of the genre but still not quite the WoW killer I hoped it would be.Graphically, TOR’s art direction is somewhere between the old Star Wars Galaxies look and The Clone Wars animated series. It works for the most part but considering the extensive s...

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Dissapointment 0

The opening cinematics were amazing with nearly real life graphics, then you get to the actual in game graphics and cutscenes which are horrible, like playing an old James Bond N64 game horrible, constant lagging, low FPS, annoying cutscenes that take forever to load for every quest, and small font for all wording. You would think Lucas Arts and EA could do much better. As much as I love Star Wars, I'll stick to World of Warcraft....

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SWTOR, The Game You Need to Play or Your Life Will Be Disadvantaged 0

by saltwaterdiodeYes it’s that good. What’s better than being a part of the force? When SWTOR first came out people bought it up (they even invested in it before it was released). Fans played through the content so quickly that the game development teams couldn’t fabricate enough new missions to keep players employed and then people got bored. In addition to being bored they started to feel ripped off since the game came at a cost of $15 per month. At $15 per month your game ha...

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Good Game, needs more players 0

Pros - If you are a Star Wars and MMO RPG fan like me, this game combines the twothe quests/mission are fun and follow a story linethe GUI and controls are similar to most MMOs RPGs and easy to learn if you are new to MMOs RPGscan run on most PCs as long as you are fine with low quality graphicswide range of character selectionbig worldsFree to play with no level limitCons-Not enough people play for the PVP to be effective the way guilds can challenging each other is confusingFree to play member...

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Used to be good, now the memories have been soiled. 0

Bizarre isnt it? That a game which had such high production values, hype and potential, managed to crash so hard. When the game was released, I was there and in fairness I had a great time. I still have so many great memories of the game, the instances, the story, the companions. It's Star Wars for fuck sake, whats not awesome?? Well, some people didn't think so and when subscriber numbers dropped fast, they panicked. Instead of leaving it and letting the core players, the loyal ones who had pa...

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Better? Yes. Good? No. 0

Fascinating trappings and genuine genre improvements don't save Star Wars: The Old Republic from being the next in a long line of MMORPG's that fail to live up to the promise of the genre. The game is, at best, a completely conventional MMORPG with some improvements in a vaguely Knights of the Old Republic (the preceding single-player games) wrapper. That is until it comes to the actual gameplay. Which is pointlessly complex and lacks polish.I love the potential of this genre and I've been playi...

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Star Wars: The Old Republic Review By: Andrew Bohnenberger 1

Star Wars: The Old Republic ReviewBy: Andrew BohnenbergerIntroductionStar Wars the Old Republic is a Massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts in conjuection with LucasArts. The game was released on the PC December 20, 2011. Developed by BioWare Austin team the game is estimated to cost around $200 million making this game the most expensive video game ever developed. With World of Warcraft being the undisputed king of MMOs, does SWTOR h...

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SWTOR Remains Dreadful Indeed 0

The worst game of all time.  A dreadful MMO indeed.  I played up to level 30 at launch using 14 days of the 90 days I was required to purchase for $90.  The experience was so aweful I didn't use any of the remaining days in fact I un-installed the game at day 14.  Over 5 months later I spent another $30 to see if it was any better on max settings on a new rig.  I played for 14 days with 4 new characters on 2 seperate servers up to level 15.  Nothing changed, still dreadful.The main problem is th...

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Star Wars: The Old Republic: It is OK. 0

Star Wars: The Old Republic is a very strange game. Not in the same way that KOTOR II was strange, with its outright evisceration for classic Star Wars tropes, but strange in that even years into its life span I still don't know what to make of it.In terms of gameplay, this is a WOW style MMO. It doesn't really have any new ideas; it wont convert people who don't care for MMOs, and it wont win over anybody invested in WOW. It is competent, that is the kindest I can be. An overhaul to be more in ...

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Much better than expected if you stick to the good stuff 0

Star Wars The Old Republic is better than Grand Theft Auto V.If your head just exploded, I apologize. Let me explain. The Old Republic has issues, namely that is for most part a bland cookie-cutter traditional Massive Multiplayer Online game. Also, it had a very rough start when it first came out because the monthly fee it was charging people did not represent the value of the game and certainly did not represent the hype built by its marketing campaign. But now it is free to play and having exp...

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A great single player MMO 0

I bought Star Wars: The Old Republic back when it came out and it has been sitting on my shelf staring at me all these years, and with the new movies ramping up I have an overwhelming urge to get into Star Wars stuff so figured now is the time.First off I played the beta for SWTOR for all of about 2 hours and hated it, it was just a goofy space WoW knockoff that didn't offer anything new or interesting. I still think that was true at the time, but my experience with the current game has been muc...

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