Will we finally see a Star Wars game for Kinect at E3 '11?

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Been watching Spike's Memorial Day Star Wars marathon and they keep hyping "Star Wars coming to Kinect for Xbox 360..."  Could this be a teaser to the Star Wars Kinect game we've all been waiting for? 
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Why would you want a Star Wars game for kinect? It would either just be on rails or something like mini games where you block projectiles. The game shown off at Last E3 was painfully stagged and painful to watch. 

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@EuanDewar said:

It probably relates to this game we have known about for a while.

Thats the one that was painfully stagged. Where his movements did not even link up to the game.  
Sadly this is what will hold Kinect back. You can not control yourself to go forward or backwards. Or indicate you wanna turn right or left. This limits it to on rail games and party games. 

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