What was your favorite campaign mission? (spoilers)

#1 Posted by maskedarcstrike (792 posts) -

Gotta go with the hyperion mission, it was pretty fun warping around the minefield. Sadly other than that and the last mission with the primal zerg planet where you gotta kill the ancient primal the other missions just seem really forgettable.

I had a ton of fun with the campaign but there was too many "kill x before it reaches point z missions". Especially towards the end of the campaign.

Would kind of liked a few more Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne orc style missions near the end of the game.

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I had more fun with this xpack than I did with WoL. I thought they added enough variation and perfected the pacing so that it never really got boring for me. I also really enjoyed talking to the Zerg crew, although I am so done with the idea of gathering essence.

EDIT: As for answering the question, I actually really enjoyed the mission where you're DBZ'ing against Narud. Not sure what it was, but it was tense and fairly difficult compared to the missions prior. I also really liked the ancient zerg fights.

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i think i liked 'enemy within' (infest the protoss ship) and 'with friends like these...' (fly the hyperion) the best- those were the two that felt freshest. all the missions were pretty good, but most are just a variation on themes (some sort of race-against-time element- be it egg collecting, shooting transports, etc). and a few of them feel like slightly reskinned versions of WoL missions- instead of protoss destroying terrazine we have zerg destroying meat, instead of protoss with anti-terran fields we have terrans with anti-zerg fields. still fun though!

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I thought the last mission was pretty great. I really liked how Jimmy was doing his own thing and you can get your other zerg buddy's into the fold by clearing their path. It just provided a good sense of scale.

Also the Hyperion mission was fantastic, very simple, but very fun.

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The last mission (or any mission that had a friendly army helping me) was great. Although, i did find the ending to be a little bit Mary Poppins-ish... not to say that it was bad, just odd that she kind of flew away... like Mary Poppins.

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Any mission that allowed me to spread obscene amounts of creep. There's something oddly satisfying about that.

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I have to confess that overall, the HOTS campaign was a bit disappointing. I don't know if I have a favorite mission but the first mission, the last mission, and the one where Gen. Warfield is sending gorgon battle cruisers were all pretty good.

BTW, anyone know if there is a hidden mission?

#8 Posted by Pr1mus (4102 posts) -

The HotS campaign ended up being less than memorable for me. I played the WoL campaign twice and will play it again but i have no intentions for the foreseeable future to replay this one. I say less than memorable because although i just finished it two days ago i can barely remember any specific missions except the last one and the one with the Hyperion.

I suppose i liked the last one best. Build a big army and destroy everything on the map.

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