Getting back into sc2 after a long break.

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I bought SC2 at launch having never really played an RTS before.  After finishing the campaign I started slowing getting into 1v1 matches.  Once my friend taught me how to 4Gate, i managed to get myself into gold, only to quit the game shortly after. 
A few days ago I recently installed the game, this time with the intent to use a much more macro oriented build.  I have been 3Gate robo'ing a bit, with a little bit of success, but not much. Soooooo my question is this. 
Whats a good build to go if you want to solo focus on improving your macro?

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I assume that you are going to be maining Protoss? If so, my go-to builds are:

  • PvT: 3 gate pressure into expand
  • PvZ: 3 gate expand
  • PvP: 3 gate robo

If you really want to improve your macro, you're probably going to do best by focusing on a single build for each match-up and focusing specifically on constant probe production (especially during battles) and constant unit production (except during certain timings where you need to tech/expand).

Good luck and have batman!

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@commandercup: Thanks a bunch!  You wouldn't happen to have any links to any of these build orders would you?
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@JumpingRetards: Sadly I don't. All of those builds are sort of engrained in my muscle memory, but if you head to that link from Thule, you should find them there.

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