Spring Arena #1

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Well, it's on this weekend.

$10 this time, and from what I can tell the quality is kind of awesome. And QXC is talking at the moment., woo.

I just logged in and missed a bunch, but TL has its standard recaps right over here.

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So far it is amazing. The quality is unbelievable, it looks better then the game runs on my computer. All of the commentary is a major bonus, I love hearing all the pro players talk about the game.

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Indeed. They got the usual casters coupled with guys like Sheth, Axslav, etc. So far so good, and I usually skip Friday stuff.

Sheth and qxc, making the whole weekend better.
#4 Posted by DBHErazor (36 posts) -

Anyone checking out Dreamhack now that the Arena is having a break? Amazing games and production quality to rival GSL

#5 Posted by csl316 (11563 posts) -

I haven't. Last time I watched a Dreamhack it was kind of great, but I'm having trouble enough just trying to fit in MLG this weekend. I guess I could wait for VODs but can't beat watching a live match.

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They keep showing "watch mlg spring arena" in gamespot home and the people are going to a pay-per-view video. Not a good thing to do.

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