Capcom Unity creates a Kinect tutorial video for Steel Battalion

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Capcom released this video today showing off some of the Kinect controls in action. They sound like they won't really get in the way of gameplay and the only one that actually requires you to move is the stand-up one, to peek out of the hatch and use your binocs or the mounted gun on top. I like how core gameplay elements are being kept defined to the controller while the more "laborious" actions (activating periscope, switching shell types, self-destructing, controlling crew members, etc) are linked to Kinect. I really like this approach.  
This is quite possibly the only Kinect game I would want if I had one... *sigh*
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Dont make me want a Kinect you dicks!

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This is exactly how Kinect should be used, to enhance a game's controls not to replace them. This is the first Kinect game that I've even had a slight interest in, let alone been excited for. If they put out a few more games like this I may actually have to consider picking one up.

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