Let's Talk - What Would Happen Long/Short-Term When Jobs Dies?

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No witty line this time, as it deals with death and the loss of the single most important engineer of the 21st century.   
Steve Jobs will die.  I think we can all agree on that.  It depends on the time of which he dies which matters most, and let's be honest here...people like me who hold Apple Stock are very worried with this.  The last time a Jobs Death Rumor went on the internet...I lost a lot of money.  Stocks dropped like a rock but luckily they gained back after Apple's Reports came in and they made a boat load of cash. 
Anyways, here's my Short Term Analysis: 

  • Stocks Drop Hard, even if Apple is making more money than MS and Google...their stocks will drop.
  • All of Jobs' plans for the next fiscal year will go with little to no problem.
  • Corporate restructuring won't be a problem as they already have plans for this.
  • Apple Products will get a boom in sales as people want the last real product made by Jobs.
Long-Term Analysis: 
  • Stocks stabilize or they keep dropping, it depends on their reports.
  • First wave of Non-Jobs inventions from Apple's now developed engineers.
  • New vision, but sticks to the foundation of Jobs' ideals.
  • Flatting of product inovation, or mismanagement of products.  The last time Jobs left, Apple was doing some real stupid shit.  :|
Again, please take this thread with some maturity.  This is the most important engineer's life we're talking about.  He reinvented the mobile and tablet industry, he reinvented the netbook and the high performance laptops, he was a master salesman, the best engineer, and also a loving father.  He is one in billions of billions.  His closest match would be Bill Gates or the Google programers.   
Let's talk, how do you see Apple fairs in the Long/Short-Term?
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You really can't say how much an individual drives a company's success like that until they're gona for good. Like, we know now that Gates was pretty integral because they've been losing ground every year since he quit to do charity work.
I think the infrastructure is in place here and you won't really feel his loss for a while. When Jobs dies, and 3 years later Apple unveils a product that absolutely tanks, you can attribute that to Jobs not being in the thinktank. But that may not ever happen.

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How Apple will survive after Steve Jobs will basically be a big vindication of my beliefs that Steve Jobs is (or isn't) the sole force that pushes the company along. Bill Gates left MS a long time ago and MS is still doing fine. Steve Jobs really should have been smarter to pull himself away sooner if anything. I give credit to Steve jobs as an engineer and a programmer, but a better business man will always be Bill Gates. 

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Ive takes over, things go on. Apple learnt after their Jobs-less mess.

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it really is a complete coin toss, at least from my perspective. how in the fuck would i know what would happen to apple when jobs dies?
so, there you go. i have no idea.

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I think that once he's gone, the company is going to be afraid of changing it's existing products, or introducing new ones. They'll play things safe and release the products they currently have with ones that are obviously better, but I don't think anything beyond product refreshes will happen for a long time. 
I mean, Jobs was their innovator. Without him, they made the Newton. With him, they made the iPod AND the iPhone. 
That said, their stock is going to tank when he's gone for good. Last time he took a medical leave, the stocks fell by 2.2%, and it was only that little because they announced it on a day when the market was closed.

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They'll find someone to replace Steve Jobs. Either that, or promote somebody from within. Once Steve Jobs passes away, the stocks will drop and by a lot. Once Apple releases the new product after Jobs passes away, the stocks mill only rise a bit. All due to the fact that the only people that know Steve Jobs are the tech people. The regular consumers don't know who he is, but they do know Apple. So you know they will always buy the next product despite who makes it. Just like the Call of Duty franchise.

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Short term: 
Jobs' corpse is raped by bears. 
Apple puts out products job had in his head but claims they were not his ideas 
Ipod classic is put out of its misery 
All will stay the course as it was before his death.  Stocks will drop but macbooks will come out as scheduled as will yearly iphone and ipod updates 
Long Term 
Apple quits the computer business only putting out products that use iOS.  If they do keep going with macs, they will put out Mac iOS 11.  Which is the iOS platform but made for desktops/laptops. 
Steve Jobs comes back to life but his zombie corpse is beaten down and re-raped by the bears. 
Apple will ease up on its premium mentality and go after the lower price market by following one of two patterns.  Do what it does with the iPhone and put out a premium product like the iPhone and then sell last years version at a much cheaper price.  So macbooks are trendy and will reach the masses instead of that deuchebag who think he can only use a mac for videos.  This will get them that dominance that Jobs could have had with the iPhone or Mac.  Holding them back was that price.

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I'll never understand why Jobs swears by Sex Panther brand bear urine cologne.

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Short term: 
Apple stocks drop, kick back up with the sales of their newest iProducts 
Long term: 
Creativity and ingenuity die with Jobs, company goes back to its lack of relevance in the 90s with the iMac

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