Street Fighter 2 hacked arcade game

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#1 Posted by m0v1ngtarg3t (39 posts) -

Has anyone here played a Street Fighter 2 arcade cabinet where Guile when using his Sonic Boom he would jump in the air and his attack would move across the screen bouncing up and down like a super mario fireball?  Or when using Ryu or Ken they could also jump into the air and then do their Fireball attack and jump again higher into the air and do another attack without landing, and eventually pop back on screen from the bottom?
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#2 Posted by SuperfluousMoniker (2923 posts) -

You mean Street Fighter 2 Rainbow?

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#3 Posted by m0v1ngtarg3t (39 posts) -

I dont think it was that extreme I dont remember seeing people change characters mid game.  But the way E. Honda's Fireball moves is how Guiles Sonic Boom moved.  So what is the rainbow edition?  Is it some weird hack mode or was it released into arcades?

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