Brazilian Shameful "Street Fighter Dance"

#1 Posted by Maajin (1131 posts) -

Well, I've been meaning to post about this for a long time, but thought it might be viewed as YouTube spam. Then after seeing a pretty healthy topic with similar premise today, I decided to share with you guys a video that is so terrible, so utterly despicable that it becomes... nah, it is just really bad.

So, you know how ten years ago was really edgy and cool to reference nerd/geek/gaming stuff on you song/movie/whatever? Well that seems to be arriving just now here in Brazil. Suddenly, tons of self proclaimed musicians started putting out great "songs" with amazingly produced "videos" about the Justice Leagueor about playing Pac-Man as means to have sex. And then these guys thought it would be fun to sing about Street Fighter and it's characters. Don't mind the not-so-great subtitles:

Great, isn't it? They even made it to the TV!

Why would they say "Cybercop" when trying to mean "Tiger Uppercut", you would ask. Well, we all have our own misheard versions of each move from the arcade days that some of us still use to this day. It varies from region to region though. Where I'm from, Sagat's fireball was always known as "Tiger Robocop".

#2 Posted by dbz1995 (4958 posts) -

What have you done to my eyes

#3 Posted by TheHT (12189 posts) -

LOL fuck this needs to be on the happy hour or something. Try to do the Street Fighter dance.

#4 Posted by Maajin (1131 posts) -

@TheHT: That would be great.

#5 Posted by Jayzilla (2639 posts) -

the freeze screen shows me enough to know not to sully my eyes with this video.

#6 Posted by bybeach (5133 posts) -

The honey is purty. That's Chung Li, eh?

#7 Posted by Mr_Skeleton (5195 posts) -

It's the new Macarena.

#8 Posted by antoniocmf (39 posts) -

My country is a shame.... the music doesn't rimes in english , but it does in portuguese....but anyway it's a shame . This is not the worst video  , this is just "normal" video here...there a lot of videos worst than this one.  Brazil sucks....

#9 Posted by Maajin (1131 posts) -

@antoniocmf: Come on, it's not so bad. There are plenty of great things too... pop music just doesn't happen to be one of them.

#10 Posted by antoniocmf (39 posts) -
@theplatypus: The good thing is that only the people from "Favela" like this kind of video....and dude , Brazil it's not a good country  , believe me . Corruption here it's like homeless people or drug users....they are everywhere and the people here doesn't do anything to fix it. Here an iPad 1  16 GB its  like $700.

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