free beta keys

#1 Posted by tunaburn (1891 posts) -

this game doesnt seem to have much interest but if you actually want to play i have 2 keys.

dont take them if you dont even know what the game is. ive heard of people thinking its the first monday night combat and then taking the keys only to never play because they hate mobas.

lets not do that eh?

#2 Posted by tunaburn (1891 posts) -

well i got 1 sent out. i have 1 more

#3 Posted by Xolare (1285 posts) -

@tunaburn said:

well i got 1 sent out. i have 1 more


#4 Posted by tunaburn (1891 posts) -

send me steam info

#5 Posted by Xolare (1285 posts) -

@tunaburn said:

send me steam info


#6 Posted by billy1860 (2 posts) -

if anyone has anymore please pm ... Steam : billy1860 THANKS!

#7 Posted by evillander (2 posts) -

Pls give me a beta key, I really want to play this game.

Steam name : firedrill3

I will really appreciate it if someone could give me one =)

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