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130871 BeachThunder Game Overview 08/22/14 04:10PM 3 Approved
55128 R2KA Game Overview 09/05/13 04:14PM 15 Approved
55127 R2KA Game Releases 09/05/13 04:13PM 1 Approved
54756 peterpasinili007 Game Releases 09/04/13 06:46PM 39 Approved
54755 peterpasinili007 Game Dlc 09/04/13 06:43PM 14 Approved
54753 peterpasinili007 Dlc Overview 09/04/13 06:42PM 7 Approved
49355 peterpasinili007 Game Overview 08/13/13 02:58AM 38 Approved
26890 granderojo Game Overview There's been a new map, 2 new characters missing from the wiki. Textr for Sharpshooter is taken directing from UberENT facebook page. It's long but it fits with the rest of the page and is on the end so I think is meshes well. Some of the wiki was written as if the game were still in beta and fixed the text to read as if it were in the present tense. 05/01/13 08:35PM 136 Denied
21095 chilibean_3 Game Overview added to Monday Night Combat franchise page 04/10/13 12:00PM 4 Approved
8671 dox Game Overview This isn't all of the credits for SMNC but I will put in the rest later. 02/25/13 03:24PM 40 Approved
8283 KelpPlankton Game Overview 02/24/13 01:00PM 37 Approved
6962 dox Game Overview Removing Andrew from Uncredited so I can add him to Visual Arts. 02/21/13 02:19PM 2 Approved
3159 TinKelp Game Releases Filled in. 02/15/13 09:08PM 14 Approved

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