You should buy this game.

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I took a chance and plunked down 10 bones for this thing, and I'm totally happy for doing so.

One of the main things I was worried about were the controls, but the game controls as perfectly as possible. Being able to map your own buttons for everything is a big help, too. The game handles brilliantly, and whichever programmer came up with the idea for adding spreads in between the 8 main directions was a genius. As for graphics, they were not kidding when they said they had it running at around 60 frames per second. It's not the best looking game on the system, but it is easily one of the A-list members in terms of fidelity. Weapon effects, particles, explosions, the amount of action going on during fights, nothing causes any slowdown whatsoever.

Impact mode is insane, and gaining momentum while stuff spawns continuously is amazingly fun, although it will take some time to get used to going hyper-speed and maintaining it.

If I had to criticize anything, it would be the lack of the ability to create custom soundtracks like you could in the PS3 version. Sony also decided to leave out all of the extra game modes advertised when you go to buy the game, and it's been reported that you'll have to purchase the rest of them later on to get all of the available gametypes. I'm not sure if I'd go and purchase a key to unlock something that I'm fairly certain is on my memory stick already. That's just bullshit. Luckily, the game's 3 modes and varying difficulty levels are enough to stand for a multitude of hours on its own. It's like crack.

I played for around 3 1/2 hours straight, and since I never really do anything like that my hands did start cramping up a bit. For the most part, I didn't notice any great strain on my fingers or anything like that at all. Don't be afraid of playing because of that.

Just thought I'd post my impressions.

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I liked super stardust on the PS3 for sure, if I actually pick up my PSP again anytime soon for a reason(its been a while now) I'll probably pick this up.

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