Countering Vega's air throw?

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I  have been playing loads of ssf2thdr and I keep having problems when i come up against Vega and his strangely overpowered air-throw-backwards flip move. Occasionally i can  jump-Mk the move out of the air but it only seems to work about 1/10 times.

I know characters like Zangief can lariat  to block it but I'm mostly a Chun-li player and it seems like she hasn't got anything that can block it at all... Or does she? Because I'm finding it the most annoying move in the world.

on a side note  ... how is it that ken can throw chun-li from about two centimeteres away through a lightning kick?

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Off the top of my head, high priority anti-air moves like Guile's MK flash kick, weak Dragon punches/flame kicks.

That is of course worse case scenario of Vega got you down on the ground already and waits to izuma drop you as soon as you get up.

If its any other time and you see the move coming a mile away, again the same above, but also, jump backwards and kick. You know Vega can jump across the screen already so jumping towards him isn't going to help you any. If you're already cornered, then you should have prevented the move by moving towards Vega so that Vega cannot initiate the jump off the wall preventing you from being in that situation in the first place.

Still accurate timing is key here since you did say you have jump kicked out of the move before and I suspect your timing is not down to do it consistently.

PS: Vega can still just do diving claw or fake the attack altogether leaving you open for attack when you're on the recovery frame of the anti air. I suggest practice jumping back and kicking instead unless of course when you're in a corner and cannot.

Side note answer: Tick throw (I am assuming Ken jumped and didn't walk through the kicks or if thats the case, blame it on lag of your kick ending but the frames didn't show it leaving you just open for attack at the right time).

EDIT: Now that i think about it more, another side note answer, kara cancel

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Use Chun-Li's fierce kick (RB button) while in midair. Works 100% if you time it well.

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