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Hey guys, I thought I might share with you a variant on SSF:IV I've been playing with a few friends over the past couple of days. It's called Street Fighter Risk, because we clearly couldn't think of anything more creative than that.

The basic premise is this: you play a game of Risk, but instead of rolling dice to determine who wins each individual battle, you engage in a round of Street Fighter. The trick is that each player must use a Street Fighter character who matches up with the country they are fighting from. For instance: if I am attacking India from Siam, I must use a character from Siam (Sagat, Adon) and my opponent must use a character from India (Dhalsim). It's been pretty fun so far, but we've run into a few snags.

First off, it's pretty obvious that Street Fighter characters don't exactly represent every region on the Risk board terribly well. There are about sixty hojillion dudes from Japan, but Zangief and Blanka have to cover up almost entire continents on their lonesome. We've instituted a few house rules to deal with this, however.

First off, Hakan is counted as a representative of every equivalent to an OPEC member on the Risk map. Therefore, he gets the Middle East, Egypt, East Africa, and Venezuela. Second, evil boss type characters inhabit islands, because it is easier to maintain secret research laboratories and engage in awful evil things on them. Therefore, Seth and Oni are fair game for Greenland and Iceland (M. Bison is from Thailand, apparently, so he's in Siam).

We're still hammering out how to arbitrate character placement at this point. The most difficult thing has been deciding how to split up all the Japanese characters, because we've decided that only Ryu and Akuma will be selectable from Japan. That leaves us with Makoto, Gouken, Ibuki, Sakura, and E. Honda to distribute. The same is true for North America, but to a lesser extent. With Central America you get El Fuerte and T. Hawk, but it's difficult to distribute so many characters in a way that makes sense flavor-wise. I'm pretty sure Rufus is an East-coaster, and Balrog belongs in the Western United States on account of Vegas, but after that I'm stumped.

For those of you who have some input, here are two links, one to a map of Street Fighter characters by country of origin (, and another to your standard Risk map (

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Cool idea, keeps things interesting and makes each fight more important.

I'm guessing you guys are all evenly matched otherwise it could end up being a lot less fun with one person winning all the time :)

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This sounds cool, but kinda uneven. How many Japan and USA characters are there?

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@mubress: We're fairly evenly matched, but I have the clear advantage in a lot of matchups. I've just been avoiding the use of characters I usually clean house with.

@jkuc316: There's a pretty massive imbalance in terms of Japanese and American characters, which is why we've been trying to arbitrate them over to the other countries.

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I played something similar to Chess Kombat, except with fighting games, but this sounds pretty cool too. What I did is that each piece type would be a single character. Ie: All pawns would be Ryu, Knights are Ken, etc. The more powerful pieces would have greater health or power depending on how handicaps work in the game. Everytime you attempt to capture a piece, you would engage in a fight. The winning piece would capture the other. I only played this a few times so I don't know how well the balancing works.

Your setup makes me want to try this with Tekken as well since many of its fighters come from many different countries.

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