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Table Soccer is a turn-based free to play augmented reality soccer game developed by Four Door Lemon for the PlayStation Vita. It uses the Vita's AR cards to set up a soccer field on any flat surface, playing single matches against the computer or a human opponent, or entering a tournament. It offers a certain amount of customization, as new stadiums, scoreboards and soccerballs are unlockable through play.


Gameplay is turn-based, with a turn lasting until the active player uses up his moves, looses the ball to the opposing team, or the timer runs out. The game is controlled using touchscreen, with simple swipes letting the player move/tackle, shoot or pass, while more deliberate gestures lets him lob or curve the ball. Basic soccer rules apply, including corner kicks, throw-ins, and offside. Penalties are also possible if a player applies too much force during a tackle.


The game has a paid DLC pack called "Match Day Game Pack". It includes 20 new teams, new stadiums, scoreboards and soccerballs, and also adds the ability to customize match rules, a 2-4 player pass-around tournament mode, and weather conditions.

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