Tales of Hearts

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Just checked this game out online and it looks decent but i cant figure out why they are producing 2 versions an cgi one, and the anime one.

Intros, outros and cutscenes in each game will either be in cgi or anime and the cgi looks like total shit the anime looking just like past games, I've noticed that nearly all cgi by the japanese look uniquely like they are japanese which isn't bad on its own but makes it so i have no connection with the game and or movie, how so dramatically different anime can look from cgi for the japanese is beyond me.


http://namco-ch.net/talesofhearts/index.php its in japanese sorry.

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It is a pretty unique way of selling a game. I can see a good deal of likeness between the animation and CG versions of the characters. The two art styles clash so hard, though. Animation being so unrealistic while CG is (supposed?) to be sharp and realistic. Its like comparing the Final Fantasy CG movies with the animation series. Interesting topic.

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