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 Tetris Giant is a large size arcade version of Tetris developed by Sega. Tetris Giant has two large joysticks and a 47" LCD screen.


 Tetris Giant can be played by either one or two players at the same time. The player uses the giant joystick to move the pieces like any other Tetris game, and a button it located on the giant joysticks to rotate the pieces.

Single Player

 In single player there are two different modes to play.
  • Line Attack
  • Score Attack


 In Multiplayer there are also two modes of play. 

  • Competitive - In competitive multiplayer each player is trying to clear as many lines as they can as clearing multiple lines will make the other players speed increase.

  • Cooperative - In Cooperative multiplayer both players work together to try and get the highest score possible. Also in cooperative play the players can swap a piece to the other player by pressing a button on the cabinet.

Technical Specs

Height -  103"
Width -  53"
Depth - 59"
Weight - 815 lbs.
Screen Size - 47" LCD
Power Requirement - 120 v. (220 v. conversion kit available)

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