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I'm trying to decide between the wii u version and the 360 version. I downloaded the demo on wii u and the first time I booted it up the game froze, and when I did play it seemed quite choppy. Has anyone got the game on wii u and can speak to that version? Or should I go with the 360?. Thanks.

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Apart from Nintendo exclusives I personally wouldn't play a single game on the WiiU over 360 or PS3.

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I've been playing the Wii U version, and the framerate gets super-choppy in some places, especially you're walking into or out of one of the characters' unique environments. Overall I don't feel like it detracts from the experience very much as the game doesn't require a great deal of precision or timing, but I definitely understand if that's a bigger deal for other people.

I haven't actually tried any other version of the game. I do recall hearing that the Xbox 360 version also had framerate issues, but I honestly can't remember where I heard it so I can't offer anything definitive on that point.

My personal recommendation is to buy the game on whatever system has the controller you're most comfortable using.

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The Wii U version requires Nunchuks for single player, something I wish I'd known before I bought it on the wii U.

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Does anybody know if the Wii U version supports the Pro controller?

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