Streaming Morrowind with the latest Graphics mods, looks awesome!

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  Streaming more tonight! I am playing very slowly and haphazardly, just wandering around and doing random quests, so know what you're getting yourself in to if you decide to watch :) Thanks!

#2 Posted by lucas_kelly (780 posts) -

Looks awesome. Is this just the 2011 graphics mod? Or do you have more mods installed?  

#3 Posted by MordeaniisChaos (5904 posts) -

Just using MGE's distance mod makes that game look worlds apart. I assume this is MOrrowind 2011? I was about to try and get that working for me. I only just recently (days ago) bought Morrowind for Steam.

#4 Posted by Bloodgraiv3 (2729 posts) -

It looks very nice :)
#5 Posted by Make_Me_Mad (3219 posts) -

That looks fantastic.

#6 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

If only I knew where my copy of Morrowind was, I would be so on this. Looks awesome. 

#7 Posted by velucyraptor (364 posts) -

*pleasure shudder*

#8 Posted by EquitasInvictus (2072 posts) -
@moztacular: How big is the plug-in compared with the how much space the game takes up on its own?  
Also, this is great! If you haven't noticed from my question, I'm definitely considering finding the plug-in myself - thanks for sharing!
#9 Posted by Subjugation (4827 posts) -

That looks pretty cool but I'm gonna grab a toaster strudel now.

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I logged in just in time to see people telling you they logged out because you're playing too slow. lolz

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Haha I was shocked at the number of folks who showed up to watch! Morrowind is an amazing game but not the most exciting thing to watch but I'm glad I was able to stream some of that. Sorry to those who found my play slow and boring, I haven't played the game in years and was just wandering very aimlessly without any guide and very little recollection of how to play. I had a blast though and will hope to stream some more in the meantime, but mostly I was happy to hear that people were getting inspired to go out and play the game themselves.
To answer your question(s), I bought the GOTY edition off steam today and installed the Morrowind 2011 overhaul and then I started playing! 
I don't have any other mods besides the whole overhaul compilation and i think the game looks fantastic now I was totally blown away. I don't think I'll be adding any additional graphics mods right now because i don't want to break anything it looks so good! Just google search for the Morrowind 2011 overhaul and carefully follow the instructions to set it up and you'll be good to go!

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I could really do with some help from anyone who will offer in this thread! I managed to find a download of Morrowind 2011, but unfortunately due to the legal issues the compiler ended up in after he made the compilation of the mods, his website was taken down and thus the instructions for installation no longer exist :( Does anyone know where I can find them? Or can give me a hand installing it? Thanks greatly to anyone who can help!

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