what should i do?

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thats right a 2009 morrowind thread. 
Anyways, i have been craving to play morrowind, so i dug up my GOTY edition for the original xbox. i found out that it would work on my 360 so i popped it in. and 4-5  hours in i have noticed that the framerate can be really shitty when wandering around outside or in large areas. so i just put it in my xbox original and found that it looked even shittier than on the 360(noticebly) but it also ran alot smoother. so should i play on 360 or original?  
360:looks better(im not going to say good but it is quite a bit better) 
       : my new dude has gear that is way better than my other guys and i have gotten some sick stuff that took me a long time and was really tough 
Xbox: run ALOT smooher but i would have to start over.  
what should i do?
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Original Xbox, replaying 4-5 hours is better than suffering the next 100+ hours with bad framerate. 

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if i restart than i have to do so much over :S argggg...i find this whole decision infuriating 
i think im leaning towards the original but....ahh! i cant take it!!!
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I stopped trying to play my original xbox games on the 360 awhile ago. They either didn't work at all or ran really shitty. It's a bummer but you're better off in the long run.

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yeah i just started again, with some minor revisions to my dude

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Buy the PC version, it looks better and runs smoother(even on my 6+ year old budget PC). Also, mods. But if you really want too play it on consoles, do so on the 360. Sure it won't run as smoothly, but the Xbox 360 controller is so much better than the original Xbox's controller.
EDIT: Too late.

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Should have got it on Steam for your PC for great cheap!

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My recommendation would be to stop playing Morrowind, but I doubt you would take it. So I recommend PC like everyone else.

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@ArbitraryWater: Dude morrowind is great
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@ArbitraryWater: Dude morrowind is great

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