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I just started a 2nd playthrough (finished the main story once, but not that many side quests) and I've already installed like 20 mods, but all of them for better visuals, a better UI, visible stats etc.. all cosmetic stuff. And I have to say that the leveling is still kinda messed up (didn't get any addons for that yet), but it looks "amazing" for such an old game.

Now the question: A friend of mine just asked me about the mods I've installed and I've get no idea, because I did copy most of them directly into the data folder (took me hours to find everything I wanted).. is there a mod pack that includes all the good stuff out there?

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I don't think there is a decent mod compilation. I recommend "Marts Monster Mod" and "Oscuros Oblivion Overhaul" (they can be run simultaneously with some load order adjustments) They sort out the levelling and add a load more diversity in terms of items and creatures. I also suggest "Deadly Reflex" which makes the combat alot more fun and challenging in my opinion. If you havn't already, check out the Unique Landscapes mods. I think there is a compilation of them somewhere but they have realeased more since it's creation.

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@jaycee13: I'm having a hard time installing mods that include new weapons, attacks and enemies, because it feels a bit like I would change too much. I was planing on finishing plenty of side quests and if I install all those mods it might change the way it was intended to play. Maybe I will look into it after I finished Shivering Isles etc. I think I've got pretty much all the visual addons installed, including Qarl's texture pack, the window thing, the sun thing, improved doors, better looking plants, better looking faces.. thanks for the tips though. :)

I found a few recommendations from people who list all their favourite addons with download links, which is great, but it seems like there really is no big pack that installs without too much hassle.. too bad.

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