Did I just get Dawnguard for free?!

#1 Posted by Gruebacca (667 posts) -

I noticed a rather big update for Skyrim in my Steam client today, and I decided to play a little bit more just for funsies.

And then this happened.

I'm also getting achievements for this too. One of them involves changing your face. Despite all this, my steam account shows no such purchase.

Also, it seems like I'm not the only one.

Anyone else here who can share my experience?

#2 Posted by TehBuLL (652 posts) -

Damnit! I had my comp on sleep mode! Argh!

#4 Edited by DystopiaX (5378 posts) -

yeah I just checked and I got it too.

#5 Posted by TechHits (1483 posts) -

Man I bet someone at steam is in deepshit right now.

#6 Posted by TWISTEDH34T (108 posts) -

Bah, I already bought it. :p

#7 Posted by Gruff182 (956 posts) -

I have a 690mb update in my completed log. I guess i did too? Sweet I never would have checked otherwise.

#8 Edited by Blackout62 (1499 posts) -

@gruff182: They're getting a Gabe knife in the chest for every mb they let loose.

#9 Edited by crusader8463 (14744 posts) -

Neat. I wondered what that patch could have been it being so big and all.

#10 Posted by clstirens (854 posts) -

Apparently the way to check is to load skyrims launcher, and check for dawnguard.esm

That's the only place I'm listed as having it, but it seems to work. Wonder what the official word will be?

#11 Posted by CollegeGuyMike (395 posts) -

I don't have the game installed. I have no idea if I accidentally got it!

#12 Edited by TheManWithNoPlan (6289 posts) -

Donguards! Free Donguards!

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