GEMS - Gameplay Enhancment Mods for Skyrim

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For those who don't know, I have created a 1-page, quick-reference catalog of 600+ lore-friendly mods that enhance gameplay at

I sifted through thousands of hi-res textures, ENB configurations, Breezehome basements and Lydia makeovers to find those rare GEMS that improve how the game works - combat, magic, archery, sneaking, lockpicking, looting, lighting, traps, crafting, cooking, alchemy, enchanting, traveling, character stats, perks, skills, leveling rates, carry weights, behavioral AI, and more... (over 50 categories). Only mods that add realism, immersion or new roleplaying opportunities are considered GEMS.

By grouping mods with similar purpose or function together into one central index, it will be faster and easier for people to choose the best collection of mods to achieve their personal preference of gameplay and realism.

I also hope this list will shine a brighter light on the many great gameplay mods that people have either missed or overlooked. I've spent countless hours looking through mods and I'm STILL finding GEMS that I never knew existed.

If you think a mod should be added to the list, feel free to recommend it. NOTE: The mods on Skyrim GEMS do not enhance graphics or add new content. These are mods that improve game mechanics, improve immersion, enhance realism, or add new ways to role-play.

It was a lot of work. I hope you find GEMS useful.

Youtube video below (Switch to HD mode)

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You've done amazing work collecting these. In the (near) future a pack of mods like this is the go-too solution for most users when modding Skyrim. I use several other mods, but I'm unsure if any of them fits into the philosophy of your collection. Keep up the good work;)

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That's a lot of mods.

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