Master Thieves Guild Armor problem

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Ok. So I'm asked to talk to Tonilia to get my armor, but I need to exchange my old stuff with her. The problem is is that I no longer have the base armor you get from the Thieves Guild. What do I do? I need to do this to complete "Under New Management". Any help would be appreciated.

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...go get it back from whoever you sold it to? Dunno what else to tell you.

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Arg! There has to be something that I can do. Bethesda must have realized that a situation like this could occur.

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Get an initiate to follow you, go into his inventory and take his armor.

Or just kill an initiate/unimportant thieves guild member.

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I killed one of the members and couldn't take his armor. Also there have been alot of random thieves running about and even they won't give me their armor. I think its a glitch or something. Hopefully Bethesda fixes this because I want that armor and achievement. I don't want to grind those Misc. quest all over again. :/

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What did you do with the armor that you can't just go get it back?

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Try hunting down a console command to spawn the armour perhaps? That's the best thing I can think of right now, if you're playing on PC. Might have been best to keep the armour, either on you or stored at your house until you change it over. But then the quest writing would have been done better to have said to keep the armour until you done the missions.

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if on pc you could try using console commands , the wiki will probly have the code for those pieces if not soon

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I honestly have no idea where I put the armor, but thanks for the help. Even if I did sell it to someone I don't think they would keep it in their inventory for very long. Also I'm playing on Xbox so I guess I'm shit out of luck until there is a patch or I do the whole quest line over again. Shame because I hear that the armor you get is really good. I'm sure other people will make the same mistake since the Nightingale armor is better they'll probably drop the old stuff and wear that like I did. I'll try to get the word out so others don't suffer the same fate as me.

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Seems to happen a lot, a friend of mine had the very same problem yesterday. From what I know you should be able to buy the armor back from whoever you sold it to, unless that person was Tonilia since she won't give you the option to buy stuff till you finish the quest. I'm also not entirely sure for how long vendors keep stuff you sell them.

In theory on PC, as someone said, there would be the option to spawn the armor, but even if that command exists nobody seems to know the ID for that specific armor set. At least I was not able to find it yesterday.

If you sold the armor to Tonilia ... you are out of luck I guess.

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Yeah. I wouldn't mind doing the Thieves Guild again. It was really fun. I just didn't like having to grind those generic quests. It took like 3 hours till I started to get main/named quests. It's just a bummer to not get the armor because my character could really use it.

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@AcidBrandon18: Did you give it to your follower to hold or wear? or store it in a house? 
Might want to check those places just in case you forgot.
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To get your thieves guild armor back.

player.additem 000D3AC2 1 <----Boots

player.additem 000D3AC3 1 <----Cuirass

player.additem 000D3AC4 1 <----Gauntlets

player.additem 000D3AC5 1 <----Helmet

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If nothing else keep going through the thief guild quests there's actually the initial set of armor, one upgraded piece, a full set of armor near the end of getting the guild on it's feet & then one other one you get done with it all (after doing a bunch of side thief guild jobs in various towns until you get the special quests to get a branch of the guild in that town). Frankly most of the thief gear is nice but you can find alternatives through magic or magic items.

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Is this armor set something you get after completing all of the misc. jobs for the thieves guild? I never really cared about starting with them cuz I didn't really think that they'd lead into something.

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@CaptainKay After doing enough odd jobs for Delvin and Vex, Delvin will give you a job in one of the major cities that will set up a Thieves Guild presence in that city, along with a fence for that city. Then you go back and do more theft jobs until he has another one ready.
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Ah, many thanks! Guess I'm doing some menial quests for the thieves guild then.

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No will this thieves guild armor problem prevent me from 100% completion of the thieves guild. Some people are making it sound like the armor bug keeps you from the achievement. That would suck.

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Why would you throw it away? That armor was a gift! So rude...

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@Aas: I didn't have a house at the time. Was weighed down and all the armor was inferior, so I sold it to the fence.

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So I take it nobody found a way to get another set of the armor?

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If your on a PC go on the command console "~" and type "player.additem 00036583 1". It'll add the Thieves Guild Boots into your inventory so you can just trade that in. It won't stop you from getting the achievement as I did the same thing and it worked fine.

If your on a console, I believe your screwed until they patch it.

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Huh, that's a bummer. I wonder if they will even consider it a bug and patch it.

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I just downloaded the newest patch and this problem still persists. Can't complete the quest line.

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Restart and redo your character for fun!

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Those 30 or 40 throwaway quests I had to do to bring the guild back to its former glory were not fun, though. :p

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Now I carried (and wore parts of) the original Thieves Guild set throughout the quest line and the not-awesome random missions. I completed the TG quests and was told to go to Tonalia for my new armour. So I go to her, and she's like "here it is" and gives it to me. She didn't exchange anything with me, and I still have my original brown thieves outfit and my new black one. Is that normal? No exchange at all.

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whatever, role play that they couldn't have someone who would throw their armor away lead the guild back to glory. Thief politics.

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I didn't exchange for the Master Thieves Guild armor either. It was sitting in a chest in Breezehome. I did have to exchange a piece for a stronger enchantment for the regular gear though during the middle of the quest line.

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I actually contacted to Bethesda and they were very kind to reply to me, i mentioned the Armour glitch and they said they wold look into it...

Anyway i was thinking about the pickpocketing perk where you can pick pocket equipped items (have to be level 100), im not at the right level but if anyone is, perhaps the could try trying to pick pocket a piece of guild armour from one of the members??? I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere in the blogs. I'll keep working towards to perk and update when i can.

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Hi all,

I've been looking for how to get the guild armor once you have lost it/sold it and can't get it back. I was looking around the Guild and found in the training room, where you can find chests to unlock via lock picking, is a set of thieves guild boots. So this should help everyone who haven't been able to shut that stupid woman up, who been doing my nut in. They are located on the shelving opposite to where you enter the room. So you have the straw dummies on the left and the chest on your right, and the boots are on the shelve right in front of you.

Hope that helps.

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@kingopork said:

No will this thieves guild armor problem prevent me from 100% completion of the thieves guild. Some people are making it sound like the armor bug keeps you from the achievement. That would suck.

It's not really a bug. He was given armor and trashed it. It's not like it was in his inventory and then disappeared via a glitch or that he has the armor but the game won't recognize it or anything like that. He opted to throw it away.

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I don't know if they have patched it yet but I believe the main problem was that if you don't finish the misc. quest with Tonilia to upgrade one of your pieces of thief armor she won't give you the Guild Leader armor because she is still stuck on that quest. That was my problem as I trashed the armor and couldn't complete that quest. So just make sure you complete that quest with her and you should be fine. I made a whole separate character and redid the thieves guild because it was my last cheevo. Those random quests are one hell of a grind. >_<

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@slaughterking said:

So I take it nobody found a way to get another set of the armor?

There is thieves guild armor items sitting in the training room of the thieves guild where all of the test lockpick chests are, I just snagged a hood from there and exchanged it with the chick. Once I got the nightingale armor I threw that and the stupid hood on a manikin, does anyone actually do any exploring when they game or are they quick to go to gamefaqs for everything instead of trying to search for items themselves?

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@mellkat86: I signed up just to say I love you!

That part was bugging me for ages.

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If you sold the original gear, you can not get the upgraded guild master gear sadly unless you are on PC and use console commands.

Rule 1: Buy a house to store stuff in

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@acidbrandon18: Okay, assuming you still need help with this, go to the cistern and enter the training room. On top of the cupboard directly opposite the entrance hall is a thieves guild cuirass. (I literally just found this out when I was jumping around and saw it on top of the cupboard)

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