What mods should I use?

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Hey everyone, so I just got Skyrim for the pc and wanted to know what are the need to have mods. This is my first elder scrolls game on the pc and just want to get the best experience I could. Thanks.

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I like the cloaks mod, available on Nexus. Better Cities is essential for a more immersive world. There are some incredible Blacksmithing mods that fix the bugs in a lot of the items and allow you to craft almost anything. So much stuff that you can't craft normally. I can't recall the names offhand. I also use the 2K texture pack, half resolution, for Nexus. and about 50 others from the workshop. Looks up top rated and go nuts.

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SkyUI. Can't play without it.

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Mr. Minecraft.

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Faster horses. Running is almost faster than them without mods. That's all I can think of off the top of my head but I'll get back to you if I think of something else.

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I used the Enhanced Night Skyrim High Stars + Colored Galaxies.

Last I checked, they weren't in the Steam Workshop.

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Jaysus Swords mod is a must have.

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Sky UI for sure

Realistic Colors Realistic Nights or Climates of Tamriel to improve visuals

Xenius Character Enhancement to improve the look of your character and NPC's

Dynamic Merchants is pretty good, makes selling stuff a bit less of a pain in the arse

Reduced NPC Greeting if you get pissed off with NPC's constantly talking to you.

Static Mesh Improvement Mod makes a big difference to the visuals. It takes stuff that would normally be flat bitmaps(?) and makes them into 3D meshes.

Dynavison and The Imaginator are good. Dynavison adds dynamic depth of field and you can use Imaginator to change colours, contrast, brightness etc in real time.

Categorized Favourites Menu. Get this one! Makes a massive improvement to the favourites menu, especially paired with Better Sorting.

Warzones is fun. It adds lots of random battles between various factions all over the map. Some of the battles are huge.

So many great mods. Go to Skyrim Nexus, go to files and check out the top files. Some of the mods there are pretty much essential.

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So what is a good ENB mod for Skyrim that doesn't kill performance too much?

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@SefaRed: thanks a lot for all the info, ill be trying them out next time i start up the game :)

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