Summerset Isle a good location for Elder Scrolls VI?

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I jumped on the Elder Scrolls train at Morrowind and Oblivion might be my favorite game of all time, and I thought of all the provinces the two I'd most rather see in the next game would be Summerset Isle and Skyrim. 

For those of you not in the know, Summerset Isle is the home province of the High Elves. It's supposedly the most beautiful and magical. I usually prefer playing magic-oriented characters, so playing a mage character in the place in Tamriel where magick study was practically invented is immensely appealing. At the same time, I would also really like to play the underdog in such a place. High Elves are infinitely condescending and supremely arrogant. If you don't know magick, you're nobody. 

is the northern province of the Nords. Cyrodiil(Imperials) was the Province used in Oblivion, while Vvardenfell was an Island in the Morrowind(Dark Elves) province. Hammerfell(Redguards) and High Rock(Bretons) were the locations of Daggerfall. The other provinces include Elsweyr(Khajiit), Valenwood(Wood Elves), and Black March(Argonians). Orcs live in High Rock.

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I never ever do this and I hate when people do it story bro?
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I'd be down with summer set isle

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I would like the series to take a page from Dragon Ages book, whereupon the class and species of your character would determine where you spawned. After say 10 hours of game play (or earlier if the player chooses) in that area the player is released into a larger "over world". 
Personally i was always fascinated by the khajiit in general and the brutality of orcs, i would like to see their towns/cities and general landscape.

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Summerset Isle would be good.  Though I think it would be cool if the next game took place in two of the smaller provinces. Like, well...Summerset Isle for example and Elsweyr.  
Or mainland Morrowind. That would be cool too. Especially after the events of The Infernal City. 

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I want Akavir!

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Shut the hell up until Skyrim comes out.

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I feel you may be getting a bit ahead of yourself...

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I'm with the dudes telling you to wait until V comes out, but I'm still waiting for Elsweyr or Black Marsh. 

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