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The Forsaken were started when Ner'zhul, as the Lich King, began experimenting with the plague of undeath. He began to raise entire towns from the grave for his unquestioning, mindless, forever serving army. Eventually, though, a group managed to break away from his control, now known as the Forsaken. They reside in the Undercity, the ancient catacombs beneath the kingdom of Lordaeron, lead by Lady Sylvanas. Possibly, they are the least trusted members of the Horde, as member of the Grand Apothecary Society have attacked both the Horde and the Alliance at the Wrathgate, and because of this the Undercity Gaurdians have been replaced by Thrall's personal gaurd, the Kor'Kron, so that he may keep a closer eye on them. As undead, they are unable to reproduce, causing their current population to dwindle. But, in a recent turn of events, Sylvanas has recruited some of the viking maidens that are no longer under the control of the Lich King to raise new undead to increase the numbers of the Forsaken.

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