The Neverhood is now one of my favourite games.

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I finally played this game, and it's crazy. The claymation's great and the world in which it takes place is wierd and wonderful.

The main thing that has stuck with me though is the backstory of this games fiction is 25 000 words long, in a hall where you have to get to the very end of it to progress in the game. It takes 20 minutes to get to the end and back (not reading what's on the wall). That was wierd, frustrating and funny.

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@L44: Man I completely forgot about that game. I loved it but for some reason though the only thing I can remember is Claymans buddy Willie I think his name is yelled out "Hey Clayman up here!!!" in this real stupid voice. When I was kid and that part happened I busted out laughing. It wouldn't happen to be on Steam or GOG would it?

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the only way is amazon or ebay, I borrowed a friends copy

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I love the soundtrack!

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Interesting... Must look into this...

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One of my favorite adventure games.

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Don't press the button that says not to press it. If I remember correctly, the game also had some pretty cool music.

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Wow old thread about an old game. 
I've had this since it came out. It's alright, but there is some things designed in this game that are awful. The bible of the world you have to walk all the way through to get a disk piece for one, and a few other design decisions. 
It's still pretty great, and one of the strangest and most different experiences in a game. 
The sound track added with the excellent claymation make for a really great game. Hard to recommend, though, except to Adventure game fans. It has a lot of tropes that have been made better (Machinarium comes to mind) and does some thing s in very strange ways that can be annoying. 
The burp tree is a great place to hang out =)

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Yes! It's truly a forgotten gem.

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Hi! Don't know if you noticed yet, but Armikrog. (the spiritual sequel of The Neverhood) is on kickstarter!!! By the same creators of The Neverhood and Earthworm jim :) go give a look! If you already backed, sorry for spamming, I'm just trying to get this game made! You'll understand :) Here's the link:

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