Was really enjoying this - until a game ending bug

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Wanted to lament my Saboteur situation. I got it from Gamefly last weekend, was really having some fun with it until I got to a point in which the game completely broke. I was supposed to talk to Santos and he game me a mission where I needed to attack a broken down convoy; the problem comes in in that once he's done talking to me, no convoy or waypoint appears but I'm unable to take on any other mission. I've tried reloading old saves and playing up to that point but nope, no luck - so back to Gamefly it went. 
Oh well, I've got a ton of Red Dead in the meantime. Still though, I was digging the vibe of the game until it completely broke on me.

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Awww, that sucks. If you haven't played it, I'd stay away from Far Cry 2 as well. I goddamn loved that game, and then it stomped all over my heart with its console-freezing save bugs.

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@buzz_clik: Yeah - I've heard of other issues with Far Cry 2 that turn me off from ever trying it. I hate it when games manage to just stop you dead in your tracks. Too bad in this case though - The Saboteur had some fun ideas and a nice pulpy WWII comic book feel to it that I was really enjoying.
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Ouch dude, and yeah, I had the same thing happen to me in Far Cry 2 once, but luckily I reloaded an old save and it worked, so I only had to redo one mission... But it sucks when a game makes you paranoid with something like that, you never trust it again.
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i'm sure i'm the only person who thanked far cry 2 for giving me a reason to quit it. God that game was so awful (imo) but i kept playing it until it bugged out on me.

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