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Played it a bunch last night, couldn't wait to tell my friends here about the broom closet ending. Seriously though, when I went back and the door was boarded shut I was dying.

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Please someone tell me how to get the console open!!! PLEASE!!! I've been trying for so long!!!

#53 Posted by brites101 (10 posts) -

Just got the Heaven ending! it was great

#54 Posted by Usernameandemail (128 posts) -

@fraser: Yeah that was such quality VO and the way it made you walk up the stair case, I wanted to just walk back to the room and stay there.

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There is one ending you guys have not talked about yet, if you play the baby game for four hours you get the art/transcendence ending. Just look it up on youtube if you don't belive me or don't have the patience

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first, get a direct shortcut to the game's exe file onto your desktop (assuming you're running windows, of course).

Right click the shortcut, and select Properties.

Now, locate the Target field. It should say something like " "The Stanley Parable\thestanleyparable.exe" inside the Target field.
Navigate to the end of this text in the Target field, do NOT erase the contents.Input the following:


Please note that this goes outside of the quotation marks ( " ) within the Target field.

Select OK

Now run the game using this shortcut.

#57 Posted by Grim_Wreeper (27 posts) -

I restarted the game over and over again (trying the get the phone to ring, because I wanted to see if anything different happens when your wife calls, and then you answer the phone in the room)

Then this happened:

I'm not really sure what it means/does.

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#59 Posted by dcgc (916 posts) -

Does anyone know the password for the explosion ending (the 1,2,3,4,5 buttons)? You know, to escape through the battery-powered door or through the hatch.

#60 Posted by ShawnDC (46 posts) -

I saw the door open once but not sure if I did anything to cause it and...well...I didn't get to it in time.

I was hoping it would be 12B4 (The clocks down found when you go downstairs instead of upstairs to the boss's office.) as in 1,2,Red Button, 4...but that didn't work. Or I did it wrong.

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@dcgc said:

Does anyone know the password for the explosion ending (the 1,2,3,4,5 buttons)? You know, to escape through the battery-powered door or through the hatch.

Yes; there isn't one. That's the whole point. No matter what you do, there's no way to escape. One of the few times The Narrator is telling the truth. The whole door opening thing makes it appear like there might be a method, but as soon as you get close to the door it closes again.

#62 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7788 posts) -

I ended up finding all of the ending myself except for unplugging the phone, it just didn't occur to me...

There were some other ones that are just pretty much impossible to find by yourself, like going through the window and the escape pod.

Man, the game was fucking great, loved every moment of it. I WANT MORE.

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Okay so, I found a few new things which weren't mentioned here.
Theres an ending in this weird wooden room and the narator gets upset and resets it.

Theres also another one where you end up in a room above the room with 2 doors, and you can see Stanley just standing there, and the credits roll and the narator freaks out because stanley isnt moving.

The white board ending is just a room with a whiteboard in it that says the white board ending.

I didnt know about closing the door at the start of the game.

There was another one where you end in a broken office, which kinda matches the layout of the starting office but I cant remember how to get that one. I think there must be another ending we are missing because there is a female narator after the exit of heaven, which must have something to do with something.

#64 Posted by IHaveTheWierdestBonerRightNow (3 posts) -

Oh I also forget, if you go through the red door the first time round (I think) then the bosses office changes and becomes decorated with green wall paper and there is a Voice activated door instead of a number key pad. After a while the narator freaks out because your character is silent and he resets the game.

There was another weird ending, which I think was linked to going to your apartment, something to do with the brief monologue the narator has when hes talking about "her"

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