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The Unfinished Swan - Review

I bought The Unfinished Swan when it was 75% off as a PS+ member and I do think its regular price at $15 is a bit steep. That being said, I can't recommend this game enough. I do think Journey stole it's thunder and it shouldn't have because there is plenty of room for both of these small games.

I won't go into the story of the game as you can read it on the wiki page but it's beautiful, charming and well told. What's more is that it's incredibly well integrated to the visual style of the game which combine to form an unbelievably engrossing world. Of course, great visuals should be backed with great audio and this game does. Soothing narrators, beautiful music, and terrific sound design. Developer Giant Sparrow pretty much knocked it out of the park. However, there are some unfortunate slow downs that really take you out of this immersive world and I will say there are too many for a game this small and short.

What's really impressive is that The Unfinished Swan is a cohesive experience. From the visuals to the audio and the gameplay is all connected and come from one source that is the story. The gameplay is puzzle based with some exploration. The puzzle is light but clever and satisfying. The exploration is delightful because it's hard not to want to see more and more of this world.

I want to note that I'm not a big fan of the 1st person perspective but this game made it a bit more enjoyable for me. You play as a little boy named Monroe and they manage to really make you feel that way with many little obvious and subtle queues that doesn't just feels like another floating head.

So I have very little negative things to say about this game. I wish the game was longer and I wish the game is priced lower. I also think the performance dips are unacceptable in a game of this scale. If the price and length doesn't concern you, please please pick this game up.

P.S.: The Journey nod in this game is awesome! :D


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