So I played the PC version...

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Yesterday (or today, depending on where you live) I played about half an hour of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 at a friend's house. I was really looking forward to it, because the last time I played a PC golf game was in 2005 and after 6 years everything should have improved, right? Well, sadly the game looks, feels, and plays worse than Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 did 6 years ago. I am kinda relieved that I didn't buy it, but I'm also very disappointed, because I was expecting so much more.. This is probably the first time that the visuals of a game made it impossible for me to enjoy it, it looks terrible (imho). It's like they didn't even try to make it look "real".

Of course that's only my opinion and impression of playing the game for a brief moment, feel free to disagree.

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I didn't even think they made the Tiger Woods games on PC. It just seems like a pretty horrible combination, not because the PC couldn't handle a good version of that game, but because EA wouldn't take the time to make it something worth playing which appears to be the case.

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There hasn't been a Tiger Wooda game on the PC for a few years now. Anyway, I've got the PC version waiting for me at home, will perhaps report back later with my impressions. Also, I've always loved Tiger Woods on the PC. Trueswing with the mouse is really good.
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Turn up the settings. I have a lot of problems with the game but the graphics aren't one of them. You can tell it's a port but if everything is turned up to super it looks fine.

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@sirdesmond: Actually all of the PGA games have been on the PC, I think the first one I played in 1990 (DOS version) and I loved it! After Tiger '08 they stopped realeasing them for the PC though. And as @ZimboDK already said, true swing is great and I always prefered it over the clicking.. it's almost like playing it with a trackball.

@Hunkulese: We had everything maxed out and by saying "it looks terrible" I mean that it does look too clean and just not real. It's more comic-ish and I personally don't like/want that for a golf game.

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No controller suport on the pc version ... how hard would it have bin to put this in the game? Lazy ass EA

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