Will the be a Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11?

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So the news has been on in our house a lot lately, and every hour it seems they've got something to say about Tiger Woods. He's been a favorite athlete of mine since before I can remember, so naturally all of this controversy saddens me. Now were hearing about sponsors dropping him left and right, such as Gatorade, it's left me wondering. Will there be a new Tiger Woods labeled next year?
If so, it'll be a strange thing to see, considering that he's dropped out of the tour. Or, will they release a new golf game, simply titled "PGA Tour 11?" And if not, what other golfing figure is popular enough to have his name on the box? Will video game golf EVER be the same?? Or do we even care. What do you hope to see in the future?

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It depends on how long EA have Tiger contracted for, I guess. If they're anything like Activision is with Tony Hawk then they'll probably be releasing a Tiger Woods' 11 to 20-something whether they want to or not.

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I think they'd be more inclined, as you said, to rename the series or franchise, whichever way you want to look at it, as PGA Tour 11.  It seems to be essentially the same idea that the name Madden is synonymous with NFL video games and if for whatever reason they decided to drop the name, it'd refer to to the sport it represents.  As for what I think will happen...well, I can say that I have lost a lot of respect for Tiger Woods the man, but not Tiger Woods the athlete, however,  I don't think keeping his name attached to the game will lower sales, because that's a niche market that that game serves and other then for PR purposes would the name change mean anything.  Then again, with all the EA layoff's as of late, maybe some good PR would help?

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EA stated that they support Tiger and have no plans to drop him as an endorser.  That being said, I have a feeling they might drop his name from the franchise next year.

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He should totally change the image he has and go for the total badass image.  Like renegade golfer trying to pick up spectator's wives or hitting on Mike Wier's wife or something.

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If they did call it Tiger Woods' 11, Im assuming its because they have already signed the deal or just want to maintain the brand name. Otherwise it really doesnt make a lot of sense to keep it, seeings as his name is getting so much negative publicity. Plus, as you say, he's not on the tour next year, so it really wouldnt make sense (unless he's back by then)

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@fwylo said:
" He should totally change the image he has and go for the total badass image.  Like renegade golfer trying to pick up spectator's wives or hitting on Mike Wier's wife or something. "
Indeed he should be the Dennis Rodman of golf, that would be way cool ;)
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Honestly, this whole "scandal" is really starting to piss me off.
I don't see why Tiger's personal life (or any sportsman's for that matter) should have any effect on his career. Yeah, I know he's supposed to be a "role-model", but why is he being crucified for banging all these girls when, say, a musician wouldn't?

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No, they're gonna replace him with Charles Barkley.
Barkley: Shut Up And Putt! 11

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i'm surprised they don't just call it pga tour golf '11.

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@carlthenimrod: I don't they can motion capture that hideous swing of barkley's.
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@PenguinDust: God, I hope so, that looks way better than Tiger.
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yes, i have heard that ea released a statement. and conan made a joke about it last night. 

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It really dosent matter the only reason it says tiger woods on the cover is just to get all his fanboys to buy it.  No matter what they do it is still going to be the same game.  And someone said they are tired of hearing about it, who cares who he bangs, well just so u know adultry is a punishable crime carring a max of 1,200 fine and 90 days in jail.  But the fact is no one really ever sees any sort of enforcement on the law.  Which i think is dumb its just like on we have these laws but since everyone cheats anyways well just forget about them.  They should do sometihng like that for drug trafficing i mean everyone does it lol.

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