koopa_kid12's TMNT (Xbox 360) review

COWABUNGA! Or not....

TMNT is not the worst movie-tie-in ever, but certainly not one of the best. You take control of either 1 or all 4 of the turtles and follow a course on a decent amount of levels taking out wave of bad guys and jumping over obstacles in order to complete the level, nothing new here then, and to top it of, it is extremely repetitive, you just do the same thing all the time on every level. Climb walls and jump on platforms, fight, climb walls and jump on platforms, fight, climb walls and you get the point.

The good: Some nice graphics that perfectly recreate the movies feel, a good combo system and range of moves, surprisingly some decent voice acting,  the enviroments differ incredibly well, and very good all round platforming.

The bad: WHAT! NO MULTIPLAYER!!! Very repetitive, not much replay value, you will have completed it withing 3 days.

Overall TMNT is not the worst movie tie-in by any means but suffers from enough flaws to not be reccomended.
2.5 STARS!

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