TGS 2010 Announcements!

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Xbox 360: 
- Demon's Souls team makes spiritual successor, Project Dark, multiplatform 
- Steel Battalion 
- Haunt 
- Muramasa and Odin Sphere possibly getting a downloadable, HD remake 
- Ninja Gaiden 3  
- DMC 
- Dead Rising 2: Case West 
- Shadows of the Damned 
- Fire Pro Wrestling 
- Asura's Wrath 
- Project Draco 
- Codename D 
- Rise of Nightmares 
- Radiant Silvergun  
Keep in mind that some of these games are on PS3 as well, but still, the fact that twice the amount of games were announced for 360 over the PS3 so far is weird. Especially because the show is held in Japan, with Japanese developers and publishers.  
Sony had a very nice first day as well: 
- Ico Collection 
- Project Dark 
- Muramasa and Odin Sphere possibly
- NG3 
- DMC 
- Asura's Wrath  
- Yakuza 5 (some might not say this is a good thing though, with the addition of zombies)
- MGS 3D
- Phantasy Star Online 2
If there are other major announcements I forgot, please add them to the thread.

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Phantasy Star Online 2!
Only thing I remotely care about!

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Just curious really, but how many of these titles are actually being released outside of Japan? Besides the obvious big-hit-names of course.

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DMC and Case West are the only announcements I found myself interested in - even with such a vast amount of stuff from TGS.

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@CrazyChris: Practically all of them are to be expected to be released outside of Japan.
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@CrazyChris: They've just been announced so release dates may not even be in the question yet. The only one I see as MAYBE not coming here is Haunt. But who knows, that may even come.

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