Anyone want to form like Voltron - and co-op?

#1 Posted by hoossy (1048 posts) -

So I have a total of zero friends who are getting in on this game, since Diablo has eaten their souls.

Anyone who is interested in a 360 co-op rumble-through-the-urban-jungle with me, let me know. I'd rather do the campaign that way.

gamertag: Hoossy

I'll be online and primed over the next few evenings.

#2 Posted by GunstarRed (5883 posts) -

@hoossy: I'm unsure if i want to do the whole thing again in co-op, but if you can't find anyone I'll maybe consider it. You should probably add that everyone will need mics.

#3 Posted by UberExplodey (980 posts) -

I'd be down for some co-op action. Gamer tag is UberExplodey.

#4 Posted by l4wd0g (2231 posts) -

I'm down you can add me if you want l4wd0g.

#5 Posted by Warihay (522 posts) -

Yea i'm in the same position as you. Gamertag is twarihay108. Feel free to add me.

#6 Posted by GolazoDan (118 posts) -

GolazoDan is my gamertag, add away!

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