Black screen during cutscene! Help!(pc)

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Just started up the game, New Game, black screen, sound is playing and Lara is talking, I can see the subtitles, but no image. I'm on an 5700-series AMD card, and running without tesselation, special hair or Exclusive Fullscreen. Help!

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EDIT: ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT THE CUTSCENES OR IS THE HOLE GAME LIKE THAT FOR YOU, IT'S JUST THE CUTSCENES FOR ME. played the game already i had no problems. started a second replay and i am getting the same thing as you are . messed about with loads of different settings switching them on/off but cant fix it.using a nvidia card so its not exclusive to amd cards.

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I finally fixed it, messed around with the graphics settings. I'm not sure what fixed it', but I'm suspecting turning on the Exclusive Fullscreen did it. Try that.

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I had the same issue and I went through every graphical option until I found it. I'm using an Nvidia 660 ti card and the fix was the Anti-Aliasing. When set to FXAA the cutscenes play fine, if I set them to either of the SSAA settings the cutscenes appear as black screen with just text and subtitles. I tried all the other settings but they had no effect.

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