Tomb Raider PC Screenshot Thread

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Yay, got Tomb Raider working. I was having issues launching the game and it appears I'm not alone on that. I updated the OP in this other thread I made about the issue, hopefully it helps you out if are still having problems.

Anyways, onto screenshots. Expect a heavy amount of screenshots for intro stuff as I only just got this working now. I'm able to run it at 1080p 60 frames with few hitches so far. It's mostly maxed out except I'm using FXAA and SSAO is on normal. I turned off tessellation cuz I heard nvidia users are having troubles like severe framerate drops...that also goes for the crazy hair physics...yeah I'm sad I can't mess with it at the moment too.

Nice late title
dat hair
I wonder what's about to happen in 3...2..

That doesn't look too shabby
Yay, shitty QTE intro sequence
Yay for said QTE and if you can't tell, that's Lara getting crushed by boulders...the deaths in here are rough...
Yay for surviving shitty QTE.

Oh and post your shots if you got em.

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I love this one. Great Apocalypse Now>The Descent homage.

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I don't mean to sound like a Negative Nicholas but the art style/aesthetic/graphic shindig in those screens looks too Spec Ops: The Line for my liking.

Not saying The Line is bad, just saying I expected this game to have something more amazing and more unique, as opposed to being too similar-looking to a recent game.

Same reaction I had during the drugged up sequences in Arkham City. It looked like Alice: Madness Returns with a Batman skin. I realize it's the same engine but they should put more effort into making the aesthetics more unique to the game. You're probably gonna protest the word "unique" because, like the word "perfect," it seems undoable, but that is when I mention Far Cry 3, Just Cause 2, RF Guerrilla and Dead Space 2 among other games. Those games excelled at twisting the aesthetic style in a way that I didn't really compare them to anything else.

And that is the same negative reaction I'm having to the new Thief's aeshtetic. Dishonored already went there, that means it's time for you to look for something different, even if you came first as a franchise.

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@zenmastah: Those are awesome! You are truly an artiste.

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I aint doing jack shit but smashing the printscreen button, its the studio that has the artists, lol

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A few of my favorites. This game looks too damn good.

Better quality: [1--2--3]

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It's so pretty

I would play the shit out of this game

But seriously, the game is gorgeous.

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Not enough TressFx up in here

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This game looks like it would perfect for some destructible clothing tech.

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You guys already posted the shots of the same things I took screenshots of. :(

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@uniform: I was so disappointed when the TressFX hair looked super shiny like she just washed it when she came out of the blood. I immediately turned it off because fuck that.

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@jjweatherman said:

And the 2013 award for game character with the most shit on his/her face goes to...

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And the 2013 award for game character with the most shit on his/her face goes to...

It may not qualify for such a prestigious award, as the mud is the result of an alternate costume. Which is awesome, by the way. Lara's been in full-on Arnold Schwarzenegger-in-Predator mode for 90% of my game, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Lara is one sexy babe

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As good as these look, it would seem that unless you're playing in windowed mode, none of the camera effects are applied and the game doesn't look as good. Hard to believe, but check it out:

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I love TressFX

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every pc game should have a random screen shot ticker or bettter yet just put that into steam already.

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The game went a little closer to dead space when it came to the deaths than I thought it would. Anyways, some more normal screenshots.

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Started a second playthrough downsampling from 2560x1600 to 1920x1200

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ok i done taking screenies of lara

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i done taking screenies of lara

Your second to last screenshot is kind of a spoiler I think.

Magic flashlight!

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Nvidia finally released a driver update which means no more framerate killing hair.


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Makes me really want to get this game on PC. Just finished playing it on 360 and it looked really gorgeous on there so I can only imagine how great it would look with the resolution bumped up and higher res textures

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@humanity said:

Makes me really want to get this game on PC. Just finished playing it on 360 and it looked really gorgeous on there so I can only imagine how great it would look with the resolution bumped up and higher res textures

It looks really good (as this thread can attest).

I've been a console guy my whole life but transitioning to PC over the last year, and the difference is pretty noticeable. Even with a fairly humble $700 PC build, the games I've played (Binary Domain, RE5, Tomb Raider, Sleeping Dogs) look waaaay better.

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Unless you're an expert archaeology like Lara, you won't be able to decipher maps for the location of the TREASURE

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