Itagaki-san Agrees Settlement With Tecmo

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Tomonobu Itagaki has sent out a press release today stating that he's reached a settlement with his former employer Tecmo. Itagaki's press release doesn't give away any specifics about the terms of the settlement.  
Itagaki-san filed suit against Tecmo in back in June '08, claiming unpaid compensation and "disingenuous statements" from then Tecmo CEO Yoshimi Yasuda. Since leaving Team Ninja there's been very little word from the Ninja maestro. In a separate message addressed to fans however, Itagaki thanked his supporters and said the following:    

 "I cannot wait for the day when I can announce to everyone the new title that I'm currently conceiving."

He also promised:  

 "world class entertainment" with "a greater depth of play than before."
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Fuck Itagaki, what's he making Dead or Alive: Jiggly Boobs 2010?
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Too bad he couldn't get the Dead or Alive IP out of the suit; but based on earlier interviews it sounded like we was tiring of the series anyways. I look forward to hearing about his new game and what his new team will be capable of.

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Boobie-San Creed?

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I wonder if he is going to create a new action game similar to Ninja Gaiden or a boobie filled fighter like Dead or Alive.  Either way, I'm looking forward to what he is working on.

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I love Tomonobu Itagaki and I'm so glad he finally has it resolved. I really feel sorry for him. Such an awesome guy and his superiors mistreated him. Without Itagaki, Tecmo would never be as successful as they are now. They were on the verge of bankruptcy at one point but Itagaki saved the company by unleashing Dead or Alive and soon Tecmo were making millions. He's so awesome.
I really can't wait to see his upcoming game.

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