No audio settings???

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What's the deal here?  I go into the options menu but the only thing i can change is the video and the language settings.  Why the hell is there no option to adjust the music volume or the sound effects?!?!

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why would you want to adjust the audio, do you not want to hear the same guy in your group screaming how he isn't going to fight anymore the entire game

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I too was irritated to find no audio settings.  Every game should allow you to independently adjust music, sound effects and voice, and give you the option for subtiles.  These should be required for all games on all systems.  I find the voice far too quiet in Too Human, and wish I could just turn that up.  Or turn on subtitles so  I can at least follow along if the other noise is too loud.  Having neither option is annoying.

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It doesn't have fucking subtitles, what a disgrace, they spent 10 fucking years making this piece of shit and they couldn't even include subtitles.

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i wish u good luck

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GordonFreeman1500 said:
"i wish u good luck
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GordonFreeman1500 said:
"i wish u good luck
He's going to need it.

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