Mac Release?

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Back when Torchlight 2 first came out I was able to play it because I had a PC to play it on. However since then I have gotten a Mac so I can no longer play it. Does anyone have even the foggiest idea when Ruinic will finally release it to Macs?

Luckily, I can still download the first one and play that.

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I'm keep waiting Torchlight 2 and SimCity for Mac.

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It's comin'. They haven't put out any official word, but they did say it would come after the modding tools, which apperantly are still not out.

#4 Posted by squiDc00kiE (399 posts) -

I haven't heard of any official window but I have faith in Runic. The extra time they took for the base game (supposed to come out mid 2011) made it an exponentially better experience. I'm willing to wait for the mod tools and mac version if they keep up with that reputation.

#5 Posted by FiestaUnicorn (1663 posts) -

@squidc00kie: I'm willing to wait too, but I never prefer too.

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