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Transformers Prime: The Game: The Review

To borrow from USDA grading, perhaps Transformers Choice, or even Select, would be a more apt title.

It's not that there's anything inherently wrong or bad about the game. It looks pretty nice relative to the cartoon of the same name, even if it is a Wii port. The audio is decent enough, with voice acting from the series in play here. The story is on-par with stories from the show, and some continuity is followed here.

The Gamepad isn't put to great use, which is a downfall for any Wii U game at this point. You can, however, play the game on the little screen, which I will admit has turned into one of my favorite features of the system thus far. Other than that, you can tap a button to upgrade your primary weapon/attack, and steer your on-screen character through the games driving sequences.

That steering, by the way, can be very frustrating at times. I guess the gyroscope in the Gamepad is not the most effective means to quickly evade falling rocks and swerve around bottomless pits. The rest of the controls are ok, but incredibly redundant. In fact, that is this games major downfall...it's completely redundant. You take control of an Autobot; some minion Decepticons are thrown at you to dispatch with your fairly limited attacks; you fight a boss Decepticon; there's probably a driving sequence. Rinse, repeat...a standard brawler in a robotic skin.

There is a local multiplayer component to the game that I was unable to try out, as I was playing this game solo. Since this game is going back in the mail tomorrow, I will not be able to test that out.

In the end, Transformers Prime: The Game should appeal to young fans of the show. It serves its purpose as, essentially, an interactive episode of the cartoon series. Older, more experienced gamers would be better served looking elsewhere for their brawling needs.

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