Trials Evo Pro Editor- A new tool for aspiring game devs?

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I don't know how many ppl here have worked with it or even seen it, but man, after playing some of the stuff users have been putting out just in week 1 and 2, i have to imagine that some of these guys are already on their way to become pro game developers, if they aren't already.

I bet some of these guys probably belong to some game company, and like to do these kind of stuff on their own time, cos how would a regular user put out amazing stuff on just the very first few days?

Anyway, if you haven't seen the Editor, here's a small trailer:

But if you really want to go deep into it, the Redlynx guys did a 32 part toturial:


Part 1:

You can go from there if you're interested.

Or you can watch this one, which contains all 32 parts in one video:

But even if you watch all of these, it's like they say, just the basics of how stuff works.

To my knowledge, this is the most complex, fully featured Level Editor / Game Creator ever released on a console.

The developers say it's what they used to create all the levels in the game, i don't know about that, i'm no expert but, playing some of the amazing stuff put out by users, that in my opinion, rivals the work done by Redlynx, i would believe them.

So, what do you guys think, could this be a new tool for aspiring developers, not just to learn, but to show their work?

BTW, here's one of the best User Created Tracks that i've seen:

Terminator 2

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I don't really see a lot of similarities (on the technical front) with developing an actual game.

Making a cool looking character with Spore's creature creator isn't going to get you a job as a character artist, is what I'm trying to say.

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@Khann: Really?!

I think you need to actually go through some of the toturials, cos it goes pretty deep into game design.

Ppl get hired for making mods on other games, so why not on this game?

You can basically make, not just a great Trials Track, but, any kind of game, with this.

And last time i checked Level Designers were a pretty important part on making a game.

And if nothing else, this can teach you a lot about game design.

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Not really, maybe it can be used as a gateway into game development/design. I think Garry's Mod with Lua scripting could be used more effectively in that case than Trials Evolution though.

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@WilltheMagicAsian said:

Not really, maybe it can be used as a gateway into game development/design. I think Garry's Mod with Lua scripting could be used more effectively in that case than Trials Evolution though.

Yeah, but on consoles.

There's nothing else like this.

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I think being on consoles is irrelevant, as you're never going to develop a game on an actual console anyway.

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@Khann: I'm not talking about actually making a game, i'm talking about aspiring developers learning and getting better at game design with this tool, and being able to show their work on a console.

There's also XNA and XBL Indie Games, but that's more advanced, you're actually making a game from scratch.

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I haven't actually played it, so I could be wrong, but isn't LittleBigPlanet 2's editor more akin to making actual games?

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@cwJoe said:

I haven't actually played it, so I could be wrong, but isn't LittleBigPlanet 2's editor more akin to making actual games?

Oh no, you can make cool stuff with it, for sure, but it's very gamey, very simplified.

This is basically the tools the developers used to make all the levels in the game, if not exactly.

This video contains all the 32 parts of their Editor Tutorial:

You don't need to watch it all cos, well, it's almost 2 and a half hours.

But, just skip through it a little, and you'll probably get a feeling of just how complex it can be.

I tried watching the wholle thing, but all the Math just scares the shit out of me.

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I agree the editor is pretty amazing. I just wish I was good at using it!

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Many game designers get their start working with modding tools. As long as you actually use the tools to learn about level design, and not just for dicing around, that's a totally valid thing to do. Of course, PC tools are even better because you can actually start to fiddle with the underlying mechanics and game structure.

Point being, yes the Trials level editor is a valid way to start on the path of game development. Obviously there are many MANY steps to make from there.

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Well, I'd imagine that you could get a start there. However, once you've learned that, you should probably start messing with the Source SDK or something. Those modders who found themselves with jobs in the gaming industry did so by creating great mods with all-new stuff in them and used stuff like the Source SDK. Trials Evolution's pro track builder is good but it's not quite the same thing.

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Wow, that Terminator Track is amazing! The thing about gamedesign that most people don´t quite get is.. right now, it is a highly technical process and it helps (or is sometimes required) to have a lot of programming experience.

I feel like there are a lot of very creative minds out there who might make good game designers, if only the barrier of entry wasn´t so high or the requirements were not so extremely technical. A lot of creative minds don´t work like that. When you put them in front of C++, they lose a lot of their creativity. If this industry wants to expand and have more creative talent come over from other forms of entertainment.. well, they need to lower the fucking barrier. A great toolset like the Elder Scrolls Construction Kit can really help, as can stuff like this.

Now, if only I had the time to design some tracks myself.. bah, I just play em, that´s enough!

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