Trials Evolution - Way of the Ninja easter egg

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#1 Posted by Mruk63 (10 posts) -

This game is crazy!

#2 Posted by linus_south (146 posts) -

That is insane, but insanely cool!

#3 Posted by rmanthorp (3944 posts) -

I... What?!

#4 Posted by brophdog (87 posts) -


#5 Posted by KarlPilkington (2728 posts) -


#6 Posted by tallTuck94 (553 posts) -

This is probably the only game that makes me want an Xbox, I couldn't care less about Halo or GOW this is clearly the height of Xbox

#7 Posted by Nux (2357 posts) -

I like that the time is still going as that movie is running.

#8 Posted by mozzle (160 posts) -

I'm more in awe of your time, and then your friends time *head explodes" It took me 270 + faults to pass that level.

#9 Posted by Gamer_152 (14077 posts) -

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