Tribes: Ascend Not In Steam Library

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I submitted a support request on steam for this, but I thought I would ask here just in case anyone had encountered this. I bought the Tribes: Ascend Steam Starter thing mostly because I am a fool, but anyways it is not showing up in my library after purchasing it. Do I just need to download the regular game or is it something else?

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#2 Edited by Freezer_Burn (214 posts) -

Yeah, I'm pretty sure you have to download the regular game now. That's what I did, and it showed up for me.

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#3 Posted by L1GHTN1N (1867 posts) -

The starter kit counts as DLC. You will need to install the regular game, then the Starter kit should automatically be downloaded and added.

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@Freezer_Burn: @L1GHTN1N: Okay! Thanks.

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